Valeria & Alejandro


How long did you date before getting married?

 Alejandro and I dated for exactly 5 years from October 21, 2012 and we got married this year on October 21st 2017.


Three things you love about your partner?

 The way he looks at me, how easy and comfortable it is to be together, his kindness towards everyone.


Valeria, how did he propose?

 It was October 21st 2016 and I was flying into Baltimore at 11:00 PM where Alejandro would pick me up so we could celebrate our 4-year anniversary. He surprised me by driving to our new home which he had recently purchased. It was the first time I was visiting the new house so I was over excited. When I walked in we exchanged anniversary gifts and then Alejandro kept pushing me to go upstairs, so I did. Once upstairs I opened a door and saw lots of candles and a scrapbook I had given him a while back, opened to a page that read “SAY YES TO NEW ADVENTURES.” I immediately started balling overwhelmed with what was about to go down… he got in one knee and asked me to spend the rets of my life with him. Of course I said yes! After that he lead me to another room where two of my best friends and collage roommates where hiding and jumped out and then another room where his best friends where. It was definitely an amazing night and we celebrated all weekend.  


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What does marriage mean to both of you? 

 A beautiful promise of our life together after a 5-year relationship that only keeps growing stronger every day.


What was you wedding process like?

 It was a whole year of planning, celebrating, traveling and enjoying every step of the way. I had an amazing wedding planner that definitely made everything easier and the help of my mother, best friends, and mother in law which made the whole experience worth while.


What tips would you pass onto a future bride?

 I would tell them to enjoy every step of the planning process. Definitely do not stress over the small details or spend time overwhelmed wishing for everything to be perfect. Remember that in the end it’s your wedding day and no matter what happens you’ll have the time of your life.