Vanessa & Brad


How did you guys meet? 

Brad & I first met in 2006 during Mardi Gras. We were both at a mutual friend's house after a parade in uptown, New Orleans. He was kind of the new guy around our group of friends and while everyone else was bragging how he had just won the state championship for his weight class in wrestling for his high school, he just sat there on the kitchen counter smiling eating the slice of bread, shrugging his shoulders. I thought he had the most amazing blue eyes.


Your engagement story?

The day he asked me to marry him was January 12, 2016. We were at this family's beach home in Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. We went for a walk along the beach at sunset. Eventually we stopped walking, and he held my hands, paused, and then got down on one knee! It was a total surprise. We immediately drove back to New Orleans to share the good news with our families (who were anxiously waiting for us). 


Name 3 things that made you fall in love with your partner

His sense of humor, his intelligence, and his kindness. 


What marriage means to you? 

Marriage is a lifelong commitment with another person who loves & supports you. 


What theme/style were you going for your Wedding?

"Bohemian elegance" is what I was saying to guide us, but I think it turned out to be more of a "romantic garden" feel, which was absolutely perfect.


Who was your Wedding Planner / Wedding Stylist?

 The wonderful trio: Patricia Allwood, Patricia Bustamante, and Carolina Sosa 



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Music and Entertainment

Carlos Anaya



Kevin Perez Cinematography


Why did you decide to do a destination wedding? 

My dad is from El Salvador, and we would visit El Salvador quite often growing up, so I have some of the fondest memories there. So when Brad & I first got engaged, we knew that it would be either New Orleans (our hometown) or El Salvador. As we explored both options, the thought of getting married in El Salvador & sharing the country with our family & friends really got us excited about the wedding.


What things you wish you had knew before planning your wedding?

 This is a good question, I'm not sure? Brad & I dated for 10 years before we got married so I got a lot of good advice from other brides (including you), so I believe I was pretty well prepped. 


What would you advice to future brides? 

Surround yourself with the ones you love from the guest list to your wedding party. This may seem like a no brainer, but some brides feel obligated to invite people for whatever reason. The wedding day is about you & your future spouse the one you love most, so when you add your family & friends who love and support you, it truly makes the entire "wedding process" a magical experience. 

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