"It's the one thing your wedding can't miss ...


Adriana + Rolando

Couldn’t be happier with the result!! We LOVED Adriana.

She made everything so easy and fun! Having those pictures of our wedding day is priceless. She really captured the important stuff and we get to relive that special day every time we see them.

100% recommend! She nails it every time!

It’s the ONE thing your wedding can’t miss… Seriously.


Mallory + Sam

Adriana completely blew me away with what she actually captured and how she edited the photographs so elegantly and beautifully. Her eye for composition, color and contrast is absolutely incredible! We couldn’t be more excited with ALL of our engagement photos!

Initially, the idea of engagement photos made us both a little nervous that we would end up having an awkward photo shoot and cliche and cheesy photos to show for it.

Our actual experience with Adriana could not be any further from that. She was so professional in the way she helped us plan for our shoot, scope out the sites and advise our corresponding outfits in advance ... all things you don’t realize are a big deal until you’re in the heat of it!

We had SO much fun during the photo shoot. Adriana not only gave us great direction and made us laugh, but also made us feel so comfortable to be ourselves and we both really enjoyed the entire experience.


Daniela + Kristian

We are beyond happy with our pictures!

Adriana and her team not only managed to capture the love and happiness we felt for each other, but they made us feel so confident and calm the moment of the "First Look". Incredible experience and even more incredible results.

A million thanks we are forever grateful!


Gaby + Billy

There are no words to express how incredible our wedding pictures turned out. We always knew they would be amazing, but they completely took our breath away. Adriana and her team captured every essential moment of the best day of our lives.

There are so many things you want to relive after that day, and through these pictures Adriana made us relive every second, remembering all the emotions and feelings we went thorough that day.

We got to savor the moment again, and that to us is priceless. I would recommend Adriana and her team 300%, not only for the style and eye Adriana has for each moment but also for the way she edits the images, bringing each one to life.

Thank you Adriana for everything.

You are so talented, we are so glad it’s was you who took this on.

We love the pictures so much!

Can’t stop looking at them!! This was the most essential part of our wedding.


Patty + Maurie

A nosotros nos encantó trabajar con Adriana y su equipo Collective Eight, sus fotos tienen tanto arte, delicadeza y amor!

Adriana es super emotiva y conectó con nosotros desde antes de la boda, nos reunimos para hablar de lo que queríamos, de detalles de la boda, hasta de los colores que nos gustaban a ambos… Y todo lo trasladó a las fotos que nos entregó!

Nos ayudó a sentirnos tranquilos y cómodos en momentos de muchos nervios y a disfrutarlos!

Muchísimas gracias Adri, no nos cansamos de ver nuestras fotos!


Jessica + Julio

We absolutely love the pictures! Thank you for making this experience enjoyable, natural, and most importantly, FUN!

We really appreciated your laid back, relaxed style, which made us feel at ease so we could be ourselves. You have a true natural talent for photography and capturing moments.

Our pictures are perfect and really tell our story! We’ll treasure them forever, thank you so much!


Valeria + Alejandro

We have no words to explain how much we love our pictures. You captured the way we feel about each other perfectly in every single shot and that to us is priceless.

They are all so absolutely beautiful we want to frame them all!

A million times thank you for taking your time with each shot and delivering such amazing memories.

We love you!


Annie + Daniel


No sabes lo enamorados que estamos de todas! Están divinas!

No encuentro una sola foto que no me guste creo que capturaron la esencia de ese día y de nuestra relación!

Mil gracias por el esfuerzo y pasión con la que hacen su trabajo!

Estamos orgullosos y felices de haberlas elegido para ese día.


Lucia + Jose-Raul

We could not thank you enough for the photoshoot! All the pictures are absolutely amazing, we were literally left breathless when we saw them! We could not decide on which picture we liked the most, because we LOVED them all so much! They all look so natural and beautiful, thank you for capturing us as us, these moments are priceless and we will cherish them forever. We can't wait for you to photograph our wedding and see those pictures! But for know we know deep down that we chose the best and right photographer for the best day of our lives!

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