Mallori & Sam

How long have you been together?

Mallori & Sam: “Officially, 8 months!”

How did you two love birds meet? What's your story?

“We just met in November 2017 at a Real Estate Conference in Miami Beach. Sam walked directly up to Lisel (My older sister) and I in the lobby before the conference started to introduce himself. The energy between us was so intense, that I got uncomfortable and tried to pawn him off on Lisel. Since Sam lives in Dallas, TX, I didn’t see him again for nearly 3 months (January 25th 2018 to be exact). During that time period, he started emailing me business plans that shifted to Spotify playlists, to anonymous flowers and poems, until he finally got my phone number. From there, long and incredible phone conversations began. I really fell in love with his mind before anything else and decided I needed to go back to Dallas to meet him again in person to remember what he looked like. So, I planned a trip with my best friend, Taylor Cole, on a group trip to Dallas to see who this guy was. Within a week, we were formally dating and both of us had met each other’s parents…and within 4 months, we were engaged. It all happened insanely fast, but felt so normal and right…why wait? So here we are!”


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Use three adjectives each to describe yourselves and your relationship:

Our Relationship: Playful, Steadfast, Inquisitive
Sam: Brilliantly curious, adventurous, gentle, down-to-earth, ambitious, SO thoughtful, creative and silly. 
Mallori: adventurous, creative, calm


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good vibes

Mallori: I grew up with Adri as a very dear friend and I always knew she was a talented photographer, however she completely blew me away with what she actually captured and how she edited the photographs so elegantly and beautifully. Her eye for composition, color and contrast is absolutely incredible! We couldn’t be more excited with ALL of our engagement photos! 

Initially, the idea of engagement photos made us both a little nervous that we would end up having an awkward photo shoot and cliche and cheesy photos to show for it. 

My actual experience with Adri could not be any further from that. She was so professional in the way she helped us plan for our shoot, scope out the sites and adv ise our corresponding outfits in advance ... all things you don’t realize are a big deal until you’re in the heat of it! 

I had SO much fun during the photo shoot. Adri not only gave us great direction and made us laugh, but also made us feel so comfortable to be ourselves and we both really enjoyed the entire experience. I would make her shoot my wedding if she wasn’t attending as a guest!

Sam: “ Adri was the coolest, for real – not just saying that to make her and Mallori happy. Hire her for any photo shoot, bottom line. I have not had as much fun with both Mallori and Adri since my 1st grade yearbook photo shoot and trust me, I was a pretty rad little man back then. 

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What do you do in your spare time individually and as a couple?

Mallori: I love to travel, explore, learn, spend time with friends, live music, arts, great films, yoga/fitness, and love brainstorming fun ideas for businesses and designing developments we'd love to create together in the future.

Sam: I dig music. Yes of course films set in the 60’s and 70’s, ‘Almost Famous’ seems to be much of how I try to frame my life in regards to spare time or at least the delusion I try to frame it as on Instagram, Albeit very poorly (I’m not as cool as Russel the lead guitarist of Stillwater by a long shot). 

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What are your all time favorite movies?

Mallori: Anything Wes Anderson, Documentaries & I’m slowly introducing him to my love of and life growing up on Classic Musicals. Individual favorite films we’ve seen together are: Captain Fantastic & Tree of Life. 

Sam: Cameron Crowe films, Quinton Tarantino films  (when its raining outside), when Mal is gone I dig watching Kowasawa Films or anything Kung Fu/Martial arts. 

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Where do you feel most comfortable inside or outside?

Mallori: Both places. Love being outside and inside in really cozy environments.

Sam: Outside or by a fireplace that is burning real wood (pinion wood is 100%)

What are your favorite things to do on the weekends?

Mallori: Travel (for leisure, not work). My favorite thing in the world is getting to explore a country that I've never been to before.

Sam: Adventure.Anywhere.Anytime.Name it and Im in, as long as Mallori is there.

What’s Next:

Mallori: In the near future, I'll be moving …


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BACK to Dallas where Sam will have to make a bonafide cowgirl out of me once and for all, starting with Two-Stepping lessons and cowgirl boots. I, in turn, am determined to teach Sam how to Salsa dance—where our two worlds collide on the dance floor, one left foot at a time.”

We couldn’t be more excited for our upcoming wedding in January and starting to map out an extra long honeymoon to start exploring the world together. 

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As far as the rest of our lives, we both work in Real Estate Development and have a big love of the Arts (Fine Arts, Film, Music to name a few) and we can’t wait to see how we can merge our two worlds and start developing and Co-creating really exciting projects together. We also look forward to starting a family and have every desire to continue exploring the entire planet one country at a time.

Sam: After the Uhaul trip from Miami to Dallas, where I'm sure broadway musical soundtracks, country and world music will fill that van for its 1200 mile treck, we will roll into our home and Mallori will immediately become the boss and chief of the Van Amburgh family dojo. 

My goal is to get her to paint a great masterpiece that I know has been hiding in her. Once she gifts the world that, we will hopefully start to create our shared great masterpiece, a family of little Mallori & Sam’s running around our backyard with bows and arrows and cowboy hats – screaming for me to give them another “horseback ride” around the kitchen and living room. Hopefully they take more after Mallori than I, because I enjoy sleeping