The Spicy Couple


What’s the story behind the Spicy couple? 

A California boy and a Latin girl with a lust for pleasure, passion and livin' la vida. Upon meeting we knew that they meant to date - there was no 'friend-zone' or 'back-and-forth.' Just unbridled excitement. Billy was enthralled by Gaby's no-nonsense confidence, and where this daily metaphor most played out was in the kitchen, where she would whip-up delectable and intriguing dishes with virtually no effort at all. It was Gaby's optimistic and invigorating outlook on life that most captured Billy's spirit, and is to this day what he is so in love with her for. Whether they are jumping out of airplanes in Hawaii, climbing glaciers in Norway, or dousing a burrito on Valencia St in San Francisco with 3 ounces of Valentino, it is this spiciness that makes them such a powerful couple. 

In early 2016, @thespicycouple was formed for others to join on their delectable journey. The spice of life: GG&BB. 


What’s the spiciest thing you’ve ever tried? 


Tacos with my dad, put too much of this habanero chile thinking it was a normal hot sauce and almost died. Sweating and drinking lots of water and salt. My dad laughing on the side. 


Torta ahogada with Chile de árbol from Guadalajara Mexico


How did you guys meet and how long have you been together?

We met in 2014 at the San Francisco Oysterfest, our friend Dave introduced us, thinking Gaby would love a spanish speaking gringo. Oysters with spicy mignonette, live reggae... We spent the full day together with some close friends hopping around to SF establishments - The Phoenix, Don Pisto's... The rest is history.



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What does "Spicy" represent for you as a couple?

It’s how we like to approach life in our relationship. Always wanting to keep things spicy meaning: passionate, colorful, lively, spontaneous, spirited and entertaining! It’s what we love most. Life is too short, add some spice to it. 


What’s your favorite spiciest dish? 


Spicy Shakshuka 


Spicy Pozole


If you could only have one hot sauce in your kitchen what would it be? 


Valentina!  but also can’t live without my sisters, @chef_alegiron Bon Gout sauce- chunky and delicious on anything. Really. 


Crystal, because of its diversity from from breakfast food to mexican to mist European dishes. Tastes surprisingly amazing with hummus 


Favorite spicy drink? 


Tequila infused with habanero or jalapeño, muddled jalapeños, lime and agave


Mezcal pepino with tajin. 


Is there some sort of trick or thing you do if you have something that’s too spicy ? Or you're pretty much @#$@!?

SALT! Billy used to to milk, but now we know he’s lactose intolerant so he can’t do that anymore. Hahahahaha but yeah just salt.